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Raises for all employees. Under Jody’s leadership, in 2015 the Oakland Unified School District provided raises of about 14% for all employees, including teachers. This represents the largest salary increase for Oakland’s educators in well over a decade. The new contract allows employees to receive a guaranteed percentage of any additional money Oakland Unified received from the State (80% of most school districts’ funding, including Oakland’s, comes from the State).

Housing for educators. The Bay Area, and Oakland in particular, are experiencing an extreme housing crisis and high rents and purchase prices. In addition, nationally, there is a shortage of teachers. Looking at these trends, last summer, Jody led the call for partnership between the school district and the city to develop housing for Oakland teachers. Since Jody opened the discussion about housing for teachers, the dialogue in our region has changed. The CIty of San Francisco in 2015 passed a bond that will support construction of teacher housing. The Oakland City Council in January 2016 approved the first project that includes a priority for a portion of the units on a large development for Oakland teachers. You can see how relevant this issue is by looking at these news stories featuring Jody and the teacher housing issue. See the News & Media page for links to recent news coverage regarding this important issue.

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