Building a Better Future for Oakland Schools

In collaboration with the district administration and her colleagues on the School Board, Director Jody London has supported significant positive changes to the city's public education system during her years in office. Jody's priorities for the district include:

Quality Education for All

Equity in education continues to be a major challenge for school districts across the country. Oakland Unified has received national recognition for its pioneering Office of African American Male Achievement, which is showing positive results with regard to reducing suspensions and boosting attendance and graduation rates. The district is also cultivating practical, long-term career pathways for high school students. Read more »

Community Schools

The importance of public education in our society extends beyond test scores and academic achievement. In addition to the academic component, Oakland Unified has worked to address our students' overall health and wellness, nutrition, social and emotional learning and opportunities for athletic competition. Read more »


Thanks in part to Jody London's professional background and expertise in energy resource management, Oakland Unified today is widely recognized as a leader in green school construction, with new school buildings across the city meeting rigorous green building standards. The district is also making strides in improving school meal programs, including a new central kitchen and adjacent 1.5-acre farm that will be open to students. Read more »

Fiscal Responsability

When Jody joined the School Board in 2009, Oakland Unified was in its sixth year of State receivership. Since that time, the School Board has implemented tough decisions and policy changes to manage assets more effectively, establish clean audits and move ahead with a clear and transparent record. Read more »

Supporting Educators

In the context of a national teacher shortage and the sharply rising cost of living in the Bay Area, OUSD is faced with the challenge of attracting and retaining talented teachers and staff. Conract negotiations in 2015 provided salary increases of about 14% for OUSD employees, including teachers – the largest salary increase for Oakland's educators in well over a decade. Hand in hand with the salary increase, Jody has been advocating for a partnership between the school district and the city to develop affordable housing options for Oakland teachers. Read more »

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