Fiscal Responsibility

Taking care of business. When Jody joined the School Board in 2009, Oakland Unified was in its sixth year of State receivership, during which time its books had not been audited by the State. During Jody’s first years on the school board, she made tough decisions that allowed the school district to close the structural deficit that had landed it in receivership in the first place. She also prioritized finding strategies to help the auditors complete their work, which continued to lag for several years. This spring, Oakland will complete the last of many outstanding audits, and be able to move ahead with a clear record.

Managing assets. Oakland Unified is one of the largest property owners in the city. In 2013, Jody led development of a board policy on how the school district manages its buildings and properties. This policy is guiding how buildings are used, and pushing the district to take more seriously its responsibilities as a landowner.

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