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School Based Health Centers. Oakland Unified today operates 16 school-based health centers where students can receive medical, dental, vision, and mental health services. Jody has facilitated an update for the the clinic at Oakland Technical High School, in her district, a project that is in process. Oakland Unified’s Wellness Champion program, that helps every school develop garden, fitness, healthy eating, and related programs, was recognized by the California School Boards Association with a Golden Bell Award in 2013.

New Ways to Resolve Problems. Jody has supported the expansion of restorative justice, a set of principles and practices that help students and adults resolve conflicts with respect for one another and emphasis on building strong relationships. Oakland is recognized as a leader in this area, as well as in social emotional learning, which builds competency in building relationships, being self aware, and making responsible decision.

Supporting student athletes. Jody has been an advocate for creating more opportunities for students to participate in after-school sports. Jody brought together school and community members in the Temescal area to develop a comprehensive plan for sharing limited playing fields, including creating a new soccer practice field at Oakland International High School, and a coming softball field in the area. The Oakland Athletic League in 2015-2016 has expanded the number of school participating in the League, and begun providing more training and support for coaches and athletes.

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