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Director Jody LondonJody London represents Oakland’s District 1 on the Board of Directors of the Oakland Unified School District. Since joining the School Board in 2009, she has worked to re-invent Oakland’s school system and restore financial security. She uses her professional expertise in the energy and environmental industries to lead on sustainability issues. Director London is recognized as a leader by her peers, serving as Vice President of the Board in January 2011, President from September 2011 - 2012, and again as Vice President in 2015.

When Director London joined the School Board in January 2009, Oakland Unified was under State receivership. The District returned to local control in July 2009, at which time London and her colleagues hired the first locally controlled Superintendent in years. Working with the Superintendent, the Board adopted the “Community Schools, Thriving Students” strategic plan. Since then, Director London has helped Oakland Unified return to financial health and become leader in many areas.

Jody and her colleagues are working to build a school system where every child has the social and emotional supports he or she needs to be a successful learner. Oakland Unified is preparing students to graduate ready for success in the worlds of work and higher education.

Jody has a strong stake in the success of public education in the city of Oakland: both of her children attend Oakland public schools, and Jody herself was educated at public schools from Kindergarten through university studies at U.C. Berkeley. For Jody London, the opportunity — and the imperative — to provide quality public education to all children is tremendous. Educating our children the best way to secure our collective future.

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