Jody London represents District 1 on the Oakland Unified School District Board of Directors. Both of her children attend Oakland public schools, and she has served as School Board President since September 2011. More about Jody »

Dear Friends and Supporters

Thank you.

Yesterday was a tremendous statement of support from Oakland and from California for public education. Here in Oakland, voters elected School Board candidates who have pledged our intention to build on the work I helped start during my first term to become a full-service community school district, a district that focuses on the needs of the whole child, every child, in every part of our city.

I am honored to have carried the race in District 1 (North Oakland) with 76% of the vote, 12,561 actual votes. As I knocked on doors and called voters, people were pleasantly surprised to learn that we have closed our structural deficit, we are focused on academic rigor and literacy, we are actively addressing the needs of our students who have been historically underserved by the school system, and we are leaders in sustainability, including green buildings and fresh food. I am proud of this work and look forward to collaborating with you, my colleagues on the Board, and the Superintendent and staff.

I am delighted that Jumoke Hinton Hodge, my Board colleague from District 3 (West Oakland and Downtown) has won re-election. I welcome to the Board two new colleagues, Rosie Torres from District 5 (Fruitvale/Glenview), and James Harris from District 7 (East Oakland). I am hopeful that with sitting Directors David Kakishiba, Gary Yee, and Chris Dobbins we will be a powerful voice for children, community, and common sense in Oakland.

Oakland voters approved Measure J, a $475 million bond for facilities improvements, with a resounding 83%! In my many years of bond and parcel tax work, I have never seen anything pass with such a high level of support. This is a big tribute to the accomplishments of our Associate Superintendent of Facilities, Tim White, and his staff. Just look in your neighborhood, there is no doubt a green-certified school project within two miles of wherever you are in Oakland. Now we can continue and improve upon this amazing work.

And finally, what a huge relief that Proposition 30 passed. This means that for now, education will not be impacted by draconian budget cuts. We are not out of the woods, however. In my opinion, California’s system for funding public education and other social safety net and essential services must be repaired. I know that many of you share this sentiment. Please help me and other elected officials find a new way. Send your ideas, invite me to meetings. Let’s organize!

I am grateful that Oakland has voiced its support for rational decision makers (the City Council and City Attorney races show voters supporting candidates who are reasoned and promise civil debate). Oakland, now is our time to show the world our greatness and realize our promise!

Thank you for the opportunity to serve you for four more years.

—Jody London